The Best Photoshop Actions For Great Stock Photos In 2017

There are literately thousands of Adobe Photoshop Actions available on the market for free as well as to purchase. All of them are designed to help you improve your image processing time and reduce the need for repeating a set of tasks that you know work over and over again for each one of your photos. Basically an Action is a recorded script that the application follows on other photographs as well as single elements or layers.

With so many options to chose from it can be hard for even experienced photographers to know which one will be the best one for getting their stock photos looking great and selling like hot cakes. It’s something that we do get asked from time to time, so we decided to list some of our favourite Photoshop Actions that we use ourselves when we sell stock photos or make graphics for clients. There are a handful of free ones, but for the best results its worth spending a few dollars to build a toolkit that can be used multiple times in the future.

The Bold Black & White HDR Photoshop Action (Free)


This is a great Photoshop action that makes it super simple to add a strong black and white look to your stock photos. It comes free, but is part of a larger set of actions from Shutter Pulse who are well known for making great extensions that any serious photographer can do with in their toolkit. We use this one at least 2-3 times per week for various shots and never find a fault with it. You can click here to download this great action in less than 1 minute.

Ultimatum – Digital Art Photoshop Action

best digital art photoshop action

Now, this action isn’t really one for landscape photographers, but it’s powerful and can be used to make some subtle enhancements to portraits and even objects to create beautiful works of art. There are 4 different action modes in this pack and they all give incredible results.

They even have a detailed video to guide you through all the various options that this action has to offer. Definitely one for the photographers with a bit of creative flare in their work, and a cheap addition to anyone’s arsenal. You can click here for the best price we were able to find for this Photoshop action.

A Set Of 90 Premium Actions (Amazing Bundle)

top actions in 2017

We found this bundle of Photoshop actions a few months ago and we are still glad we did! It’s a great package of all types of actions that are just brilliant for photographers and graphic design professionals alike. There is pretty much any type of effect you can think of in this set. Hands down one of our favorite of the year! There are a few imitations around for this set, so make sure to click here and order it so you get the right one.

Film & Special Effects Photoshop Actions Bundle

film effects photoshop actions

A lot of our photography is based around landscapes and nature. There’s not a whole lot of cause for special effects like you see in all the block buster movies or on the billboards while driving to the office. However, being an avid Photoshop user I like to know how to use effect and actions to their fullest and this bundle was a great way to step into the world of photos that look like something our of a star was movie or a comic book. With more than 70 actions included the developer has left nothing out of this one.

The contrast, environment and film actions are all ones that we have used on stock photos in the past. The main thing to be careful of is not to overdo it. Your photos need to look great, but not unnatural otherwise they simply will no sell, no matter where you list them for sale. The developers made a really good video on how this bundle of actions works. We definitely recommend checking them out!

Sun Kissed Effects

photoshop sun actions for lighting

Being able to easily add or remove the lighting effects of the sun from any of our stock photos is a no brainier for anyone thinking about selling their photography online. The best part about this particular Photoshop action is the cost….it’s the very best one that we have found over the years, and it is completely FREE!

With more than 9 super awesome effects in this bundle it’s one that you want to at least check out. Click here and download it today. There’s nothing better than something that works really well and is completely free. 

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