Understanding the Stock Photo Market & Getting Started With Selling Your Photography Online

start selling your photography

Make sure your photos will have a market

Before starting to scale any sort of business it’s important to know that there is a demand for the service or product you are creating with the hope of selling. There is no point spending weeks on something that may not have any market interest. The same is true with the stock photo market.

Your photos should be both unique and have the ability to capture the viewers’ attention instantly. Of course having low competition is a big advantage as well, which is slightly harder on a site like this however creating concept photos or bringing new photography ideas to the table is always going to be more successful than the standard sunset shot that gets taken hundreds of times each day here in Phuket.

Keep building on your photography skills

Just like a doctor, a mechanic or any other profession you will need to keep your techniques and abilities sharp to be successful in selling your photos online. There are hundreds of courses and training materials that are available, plus new skills will lead to higher productivity and more creative thinking, which generally means you’ll reap more benefits too!

Setup some personal goals

Keeping your techniques and skills sharp is important, however you need to set yourself some targets and goals for what you want to achieve in the stock photo marketplace. It should be a plan that includes short terms targets that can be met in a few days or weeks as well as having longer targets that have milestones over months or even years.

You might like to start a blog or a journal to keep track of your progress, but it can be something as simple as a workbook with a list of dates and items that are your goals. Keep them reasonable but make sure to push yourself to get your photos up to a higher standard with each shot taken and increase your marketplace diversity with different areas, objects or animals.

An example might be to sell 5 photos within 1 month of starting to market your work, while a longer term plan might be to have various types of photos across multiple stock market places that are available these days creating several revenue streams for you.

how to sell your photos

Be consistent

A big part of selling photos online is sticking to a minimum number of uploads each month. Some people opt for 20 while others can spend the time and upload more than double that. It depends on your goals and resources. The main reason for mentioning consistency is a lot of people see a handful of their photos start to make some money for them, so they relax a little and may not add any new products for a few months.

While it’s nice to know that one or 2 photos might bring in enough cash per month to cover a certain amount, that will not last forever. Even the most popular photos will become obsolete through either overuse of the same shot, or market saturation of other similar shots which could in fact be better than yours.

Aim for submitting at least 5-10 great photos per month. After a while you’ll notice that this number becomes easier to achieve and you’ll be adding 20 or even 30 high quality shots each month which will make for a more reliable and constant stream of revenue for you.

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